Outlook, give me a break!

It’s a virtual world and we’re virtually out of time. With seven in 10 workers still working remotely, it’s not uncommon to have meetings booked back to back with no break in between. That’s where Outlook has your back.

Click File > Settings > Calendar … then select the box to shorten meetings and determine your preferred break time. I like the default five minutes for half-hour meetings and ten for longer meetings, but it’s your call.

Now when you set up a new meeting, it won’t take up the full hour/half-hour block, allowing everyone invited to have a short break before their next session.

How did we not do this before?

Spread the word so more calendar apps can add this feature. How we communicate includes how we communicate our scheduled time. There’s nothing more gracious and professional than acknowledging how we all need short breaks between meetings to grab a cup of coffee, take a nature break, or just switch gears.

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